Friday, December 5, 2014

Alyssa's 6th grade observations

Teacher x
-Music playing from teacher about what they're learning
-Student passes out papers for teacher
-Students sang along to the music
-Two students continued to look at us
-6 boys in back participated the most by blurting out
-One student on iPad, other students yelled at him for it
-PARTICIPATION !!!!!!!!!!!
-Got treats for correct answer
-Quiet when teacher is talking
-Kids stay on task and pay attention
-Has a student help with presentation
-One kid is distracting others
-Students all got right to work
-Teacher easily gets their attention
-Music played during work time

during the test
-Everyone worked on it

Teacher Y
-0 kids on iPads
-Some kids looked at us
-Most students went up to write on board
-Teacher gets students involved
-Students make fun of others spelling
-Kids talked with people at their table about their book
-Teacher claps to get attention
-Students raised their hands
-Get three choices to do for when the kids are done reading
-Student turns pages on board for the teacher
-Teacher gave students the option to read by themselves or listen to teacher to read it
-Students are quiet during read aloud
-One student on iPad
-Student ran into room, fell, and ran out
-Talked about swear words for a few seconds
-Teacher yelled at students in hallway twice telling them to be quiet

During test
-Quietly whispering

Teacher Z
-Kids write stuff down when they come in
-Teacher yelled at students for talking
-Lights off
-Students whispered after we said our idea
-Students are quiet when teacher is
-Asked if students want to show their work, only 4 did
-Kids listen
-0 students on iPads
-All kids used work time wisely
-Students seemed a little bored
-one group didnt follow directions
-Kids instantly are quiet when teacher talks

During test
-Students whispered quietly
-Asked questions

Teacher Y
-Got distracted when we came in
-Lots of students didn't do their reading homework
-lights off and one student asked to close blinds
-Questions asked
-Students talked about their work
-A lot more students went in the hall than they did in 2nd hour
-11 students stayed in class
-3 girls were talking and got yelled at 4 times for it
-Two kids on iPad
-Read aloud
-Kids in hall weren't loud
-Teacher had distracted kids flip the pages on the board
-Teacher yelled at students for not working
-Quiet during work time

During test
Quietly talking

Teacher Y
-Quiet when teacher is talking
-Some jokes are told from kids
-Teacher gets students involved
-LOTS of talking
-Arguing on how to spell bezzerk
-Students talked while others are
-Lots of students volunteered to flip pages
-Students talk a lot
-Excited to leave
-Teacher continues to tell students to focus

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