Friday, December 5, 2014

Alyssa's 6th grade observations

Teacher x
-Music playing from teacher about what they're learning
-Student passes out papers for teacher
-Students sang along to the music
-Two students continued to look at us
-6 boys in back participated the most by blurting out
-One student on iPad, other students yelled at him for it
-PARTICIPATION !!!!!!!!!!!
-Got treats for correct answer
-Quiet when teacher is talking
-Kids stay on task and pay attention
-Has a student help with presentation
-One kid is distracting others
-Students all got right to work
-Teacher easily gets their attention
-Music played during work time

during the test
-Everyone worked on it

Teacher Y
-0 kids on iPads
-Some kids looked at us
-Most students went up to write on board
-Teacher gets students involved
-Students make fun of others spelling
-Kids talked with people at their table about their book
-Teacher claps to get attention
-Students raised their hands
-Get three choices to do for when the kids are done reading
-Student turns pages on board for the teacher
-Teacher gave students the option to read by themselves or listen to teacher to read it
-Students are quiet during read aloud
-One student on iPad
-Student ran into room, fell, and ran out
-Talked about swear words for a few seconds
-Teacher yelled at students in hallway twice telling them to be quiet

During test
-Quietly whispering

Teacher Z
-Kids write stuff down when they come in
-Teacher yelled at students for talking
-Lights off
-Students whispered after we said our idea
-Students are quiet when teacher is
-Asked if students want to show their work, only 4 did
-Kids listen
-0 students on iPads
-All kids used work time wisely
-Students seemed a little bored
-one group didnt follow directions
-Kids instantly are quiet when teacher talks

During test
-Students whispered quietly
-Asked questions

Teacher Y
-Got distracted when we came in
-Lots of students didn't do their reading homework
-lights off and one student asked to close blinds
-Questions asked
-Students talked about their work
-A lot more students went in the hall than they did in 2nd hour
-11 students stayed in class
-3 girls were talking and got yelled at 4 times for it
-Two kids on iPad
-Read aloud
-Kids in hall weren't loud
-Teacher had distracted kids flip the pages on the board
-Teacher yelled at students for not working
-Quiet during work time

During test
Quietly talking

Teacher Y
-Quiet when teacher is talking
-Some jokes are told from kids
-Teacher gets students involved
-LOTS of talking
-Arguing on how to spell bezzerk
-Students talked while others are
-Lots of students volunteered to flip pages
-Students talk a lot
-Excited to leave
-Teacher continues to tell students to focus

Shannon's 6th Grader Observations

Morning class
A few kids were Interested in there iPads than in the video that was playing
Kids are willing to sing along to the science song playing
Kids aren't afraid to tell others to get off there iPad
Kids seem willing to participate
One table Seems to talk often
Tricks kids in a creative way to help them stay interested
Kids eating snacks seem more interested than kids not eating
Teacher encourages Creativity

Morning class 2
Willing to participate
No kids are on there iPads
Aren't afraid to share ideas
Understanding on whats going on
They can be mature about peoples ideas
Seem interested in the book there talking about
Actually talking about the book verses getting the class off track
Students automatically stop talking when teacher starts reading
Kid in the back room not reading but looking through the window to the other classroom
Can here the people in the hall talking when they should be silently reading

Afternoon Class
Kids are politer
Stop talking then there suppose to stop
Some kids are just zoning out or doodling on paper
Most of the kids have there hand on there head
Some kids are whispering to each other
Some kids are working on there drawing while others are presenting
Kids are polite when giving warnings
Most kids look at the person presenting
When students are given work time they start working right away
Students know what there learning vs not paying attention and not caring

Afternoon Class 2
Louder then other hour
Table of girls keep whispering and making noise with food rappers
One girl staring at us
Kids in the hall are quieter then morning class
They had more definitions for the word they were describing
Some kids aren't sitting still
2 boys were talking and making hand jesters