Friday, November 21, 2014

Shannon's 9th Grade Observations

I'm Shannon and these are my observations from when we went into a 9th grade class.
1. Class stayed working when people walked in the classroom
2. Sounded like most groups were working
3. Kids seem hard working within groups
4. 3 kids from all different groups kept talking to each other
5. Calmer than PBL (project based learning)
6. 1 group talked about random stuff, 1 group was fighting, and 1 wasn't talking at all
7. got distracted, most went back to work right away
8. Most groups seemed pretty comfortable with talking to there group members
9. asked reasonable questions
10. One person stopped the class for no reason
11. One group got almost nothing done
12. Students packed up early when they could have put more time into the creativity test

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