Monday, November 17, 2014

Our Idea

Shannon and I plan on going to Tullar Elementary school on November 25th to observe the differences between the 6 grades there, and test their creativity. We want to test their creativity by giving every student in the grades kindergarten through second grade a sheet of paper that has 5 small circles on it, and give them two minutes to make whatever they want inside the circles. For the third graders through fifth graders we plan on giving them a sheet of paper with a mark on it, and they have to make whatever they can with it in 5 minutes. The students who draw something more elaborate and bigger are the students with more creativity. We also would like to to go to either Horace Mann or Shattuck and test and observe a class there. Then, we'd observe the classes at NHS and test their creativity as well. If the older students draw something more simple, we will know that their creativity has been dulled down throughout the years.

Overall, we think that standard schools are turning kids into little robots, controlling their every move and dulling their creativity. With Project Based Learning, however, their creativity is flowing, and everything is self-directed so the students can learn what they want, and bring what they learned to life in project form, showing their creative side. With us observing the different grades and testing their creativity, we will know whether school is dulling creativity or not.

xoxox Alyssa

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