Friday, November 21, 2014

Alyssa's 9th Grade Observation

9th Grade Standard Class
-Group work
-One group (on couch) talking about random things, not what they're supposed to.
-Two groups were distracted by the music she was playing.
-Two students tried talking to us.
-The class continued to work when we walked in.
-One group fought twice.
-Calmer than our PBL class.
-One person was drawing- not doing their work.
-5 people were on their chromebooks.
-Only two groups were working hard.
-Class got distracted by a picture of a flying squirrel.
-One group wasn't talking to each other at all.
-Teacher had to talk to the same group twice, telling them to work.
-One group was on their phones.
-A few students were distracted by the singing challenge on Monday.
-One student yelled across the room to another student.
-Groups were talking quietly.
-Hardly any work was done.

the creativity test

-All 20 kids did the circles and handed them in.

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